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We suggest our guests with allergies to look at our special menu with identification of allergic substances.

- we serve ovenfresh baguette to the starter -

Healthy and delicious: salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and balsamico-dressing5,50 €
Carpaccio of veal fillet with lamb’s lettuce, marinated oyster mushrooms and pine nuts12,00 €
Goat cheese gratinated with honey and marinated pear on salad with macadamia oil9,50 €
Potatoe-nut-pancake with crème fraîche and smoked salmon8,90 €

– we serve ovenfresh baguette to the salad –

Salad "Wilhelms" -with different sorts of lettuce, dried tomatoes, fried cubes of salmon and honey-mustard dressing15,90 €
Salad "Heinrichs" with different sorts of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, pine nuts, our spicy house-dressing and slices of beef fillet in balsamicojus17,90 €
Salad "Friedrichs" - with different sorts of lettuce, crusty stripes of bacon, croutons, sour cream dressing and grilled chicken breast13,50 €

– we serve ovenfresh baguette to the soups –

Parsley root cream soup with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on skewer and pesto 6,50 €
Homemade chicken-bouillon with cauliflower and poached egg 5,90 €

Hearty brown bread with smoked ham, 2 fried eggs, cucumber and homemade potatoe-salad10,50 €
"Kalbsburger" - (burger of veal) with antipasti, Serrano ham and pesto dip, served in a rosemary-breadroll12,50 €
Roastbeefsandwich - Tramezzinibread with slices of english fried roastbeef,tomatoes, gherkins, remoulade and salad12,00 €
"Osnabrücker Krüstchen" - a small crumbed escalope on dark bread with a fried egg and salad11,00 €
Our “Toast Hawaii” – italian white bread with grilled pork fillet fresh pineapple and melon, baked with buffalo mozzarella cheese11,00 €

Salmon and halibut roll filled with spinach with saffron-sauce, snow peas and rice21,50 €
Fried trout “Müllerin Art” with herb potatoes and green salad in lemon-cream-dressing18,50 €
- vegetarisch - Rigatoni with fresh rucola, parmesan cheese and cherry tomatoes11,00 €
+ with an extra scampi-skewer4,00 €
- vegetarisch - Beetroot - Burger with feta cheese, fresh mango, coleslaw and chili mayonnaise in a breadroll, served with sweet potato fries11,00 €
- vegan - spicy chickpeas curry with coconut milk, peppers and coriander, served with basmati rice13,50 €

Original "Wiener Schnitzel" of tender veal with cranberries and a warm potatoe-gherkin salad19,50 €
"Schinkler Pfännchen" - pork fillet wrapped in serrano-ham with creamed mushrooms, fried potatoes and green beans 17,90 €
Braised cheeks of Irish beef with mashed pesto-potatoes and a wild herbes salad18,50 €
"ton outspan" - plate with different sorts of bread cold cuts, roastbeef with homemade remoulade, ground pork and cheese12,50 €
+ a portion of fried potatoes and 2 fried eggs5,50 €

Fillet of IBP beef(app. 200g)33,00 €
Rumpsteak of "Delta Dry Aged Beef" (app. 250g.)26,00 €
Chicken supreme "sous vide"- cooked with steam and fried, tender inside, crispy outside (app. 180-200g)19,00 €

please choose:
+  with an extra scampi-skewer
herb butter, chimi churri or pepper-sauce mushroom cream sauce
wild herbes salad, green beans with bacon or mediterranean pan-vegetables
Steak fries, fried potatoes or rosmary potatoes

4,00 €



worth to know about our steaks


For many years the IOWA BEEF PACKERS have been producing tender and delicious beef arccording to the old Western Tradition. To achieve the exclusive beef quality, the Longhorn- and Hereford cattle live part of their lives on corn farms and are butchered after 30 months.


Even since the 16th century the old traditionell beef breed "Schwarzbunte" has its home in "Pommern". For the DELTA DRY AGED BEEF only the best beef are chosen. The very professional handling and the ripening at the bones for 5  weeks give the meat a very intensive taste. This well marbled meat is particularly tender and soft.

homemade mousse au chocolat, tiramisu, cupcake and ice cream
8,90 €
Strawberry- rhubarb- parfait on a Cassis sauce6,50 €
Applepie with honey and walnut-ice-cream 7,00 €

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Our tip:

Give away our noble fires:

  • "Old Williams-Christ-Birnen-Brand“
  • "mirabelle fire"
  • "black currant“

je 0,35 l Fl. 18,00 €

  • Pomegranate – chilli - liqueur

je 0,20 l Fl. 12,00 €
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